Mirror Photo -Pic Grid Collage

Mirror Photo -Pic Grid Collage is the best mirror effect app with tones of features.With Mirror photo you can apply mirror effects to your photos, make mirror pictures of your photos,make collage of your photos,make different shapes and templates with your photos.With mirror photo pic-grid collage you can create pic collage for Instagram, square ready no crop images and photos for Instagram.With this app can create left and right reflection effects, up-down reflection effects, repeating as well as reflection style enabled photos with this photo editor app. Furthermore you can apply photo effects and photo frames to these mirror pictures and make them look awesome.Photo mirror allows you to create more than 15 photos at one time.Mix many photos together and make collage.Mirror Photo - Pic Grid Collage ensures a great experience with stunning effects, filters and frames.

Mirror Photo -Pic Grid Collage has Mirror Image, Templates, Patterns, Image & Layouts.

Mirror Image : Photo : Mirror Image and Collage Editor allows you to create mirror effect in your photos. You can create left-right, up-down, reflection, repeating as well as reflection style enabled photos with this photo editor app. Furthermore you can apply several photo effects and designer photo frames to these mirror photos for making them more attractive
Templates : You can create photo grids and photo collages, Photo : Mirror Image and Collage Editor provides you a great collage maker tool, which will let you to create beautiful photo collages and photo grids. Just select photos and app will give you hundreds of different collage layout and grid options. Create desired collages and grids.
Paterns and Effetcs : Easily apply patterns on your images and collage thtat you make using this app.
Share Your Photos : Share the square photo on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Features & Instructions:

- Use pictures from Camera and gallery to make beautiful photo collage and mirror images.
- Apply live mirror images effect,filters effects, frames and patterns to your images using phone camera.
- Use Mirror effects and create beautiful pics of friends
- Use mirror effects like up-down, left-right, reflection and repeat effect to make mirror effects
- Make free style collage or grid collage from your photos
- Adjust photo and image saturation level.
- Add effects like overlay, reflections,shrink,clone, warmth.
- Adjust contrast level.
- Add frames to pictures and apply cool camera effects to photos using gallery or camera.
- Adjust radius, width, height of frames with one touch.
- Add text to images, change font, color, size and layout of text.
- Create selfie using mirror images and shock your friends.
- Supports more than 100 shapes like heart, cats, and other beautiful shapes.
- Lots of customization can be done using this app.
- Use more than 100 templates within the app to make collages with images.
- One Click share on Facebook, Whats App , Instagram and Twitter
- Share to Facebook™ , Twitter™ , Instagram™ , Tumbler™ , Whats App™ , Line™ , We Chat™ and mail to your friend.
Be creative with Mirror Photo - Pic Grid Collage share your images with friends and let them know about this app

1- To create mirror image you can use camera and gallery, touch mirror camera to open camera.once camera open you can apply live effects like filters and textures, photo frames,mirror effects and you can easily swap between different options
2- You can do same thing using galley mirror images, just by selecting your favorite image.
3- You can create beautiful collage with camera and gallery.
4- You can use patterns and frames to create beautiful shapes.
5- Use templates for easy sharing on Instagram™.

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Launch Date of Photo : Mirror Image and Collage Editor : Photo : Mirror Image and Collage Editor is launched on 5th March 2014 with a vision to build best photo editor app with, text, pattern, templates and effetcs.

Technology used to build Photo : Mirror Image and Collage Editor : Photo : Mirror Image and Collage Editor is coded using Core Java™, XML, PHP, Android™SDK and IDE used to build Photo : Mirror Image are Android Studios™, PHP Strom and Amazon™servers.

Live Links to Photo : Mirror Image and Collage Editor : Play Store Photo : Mirror Image and Collage Editor ,Third Party Sourceforge

Download Count : Download count of Photo : Mirror is 1 Million worldwide with more than 10k daily users.

Ratings & Reviews : 4.1 rating on Play Store with 1.6k plus one.

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